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28 august, XXXX

Ok so. *Maybe* I didnt find them myself but my friend Diane did so it still counts!!! >:} loko at him dude!!! well idk if the alien's a He or anything.

OH Right they said they were called "cheeko" or something which i think means boy in spanish??? but thats cool B)

shoot i hope my battery doesnt run out cuz im totally taking more pic NVM ITS AT 3% FHUDFHDSJ END OF BLOG ENTRY BYE EVERYO

Character designs!! >:]

13 april, XXXX

SOMEONE (who doesnt wanna be named >;/) told me, not to upload these concepts on my blog.but i know what im doing! this is a character concept design thing i made in a VERY professional program (dont ask what it is) for the game im working on :]! i think its a very original type of character design and so i hope no other indie dev's try to COPY this otherwise i WILL SUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! toodles! :>

New blog! ^-^

11 april, XXXX

HI Hello! It's me the one. and only. Sma,. If you're reaindng this then you probably came from my previous blog! The site its hosted on died soI had to make a new one and here it is, what do you think? I Think it looks very snazzy and epic. Anwyay's ill be posting stuff about my life here now i guess LOL

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